Asking this or that questions is a great way to get to know someone while having a good time. When one player asks a question, the other player(s) will respond with their preference between "this" and "that". Below are a couple ways that you can play:
  1. Back and Forth: Players take turns asking each other different questions.
  2. Disagreement Switch Off: (2 Players) Player 1 asks the questions while Player 2 responds, if Player 1 agrees with Player 2's choice, then Player 1 will keep asking questions until Player 1 disagrees, then it will becomes Player 2's turn to ask questions and this will keep on going until you are done asking questions.
Best This or That Questions
Umbrella or Walk in Rain?
Spring or Fall?
Dress Up or Dress Down?
Slob or Neat Freak?
Cold Shower or No Shower?

Funny This or That Questions
Sunburn or Bee Sting?
Prince or Frog?
Back Massage or Foot Massage?
Adult Diapers or Toilet?
Lost or Found?

This or That Questions for Couples
Looks or Personality?
Love or Money?
Heartbroken or Single?
Friend or Lover?
Perfect Career or Perfect Relationship?

This or That Food Questions
Tea or Coffee?
Cookies or Brownies?
Cake or Ice Cream?
Be Thirsty or Be Hungry?
Sushi or Burger?

This or That Questions for Kids
School or Home?
Ice Cream or Cookies?
Play by Yourself or Play with Friends?
Airplane Ride or Train Ride?
Hamburger or Hot Dog?

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